Editorial Issue 01

We’re not ones to carelessly throw around the idea of a renaissance, but over the past few years, South Florida’s Fort Lauderdale–once a quaint seaside town, beloved for its laid-back attitude and village charm–has been enlivened by a burgeoning creative class. Here, the entertainment is worldly, chef-driven restaurants are brimming, entrepreneurs are innovating beyond the box, musicians and artists are well-inspired, and shopping brings true discovery. With EDITION’s expanding global influence, there’s little question as to why Fort Lauderdale has found itself as the opportune community for the storied brand’s next chapter to unfold.

Inside our very first editorial, ISSUE 01, we’re exploring the best of Fort Lauderdale culture through the lens of three locals in our Tastemakers Series. Featuring Susan Penrod, Daniel Teixiera, and Carlos Suarez, these longtime residents are re-discovering the beauty and intrigue of our community, and bringing us along for the ride.

Elsewhere, Fort Lauderdale’s ever-present, and more so, ever-evolving arts scene is ushering in a new wave of inspiration. Home to an astounding curation of private collections, institutions, museums, and galleries, the sentiments of a ‘Spring Awakening’ have manifested in technicolor via the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, FAT Village, Girls’ Club, and the NSU Art Museum.

A hallmark of any EDITION, a celebratory good time is always in order. To help set the mood, we’ve curated a series of playlist that take you on a melodic journey through 70’s funk, to today’s indie rock, and everywhere in between. Topping it off, our go-to cocktails from the likes of Seedlip, French Bloom, Ghia and Aplos are worth raising a glass to.

Lastly, an exclusive interview with the legendary designer, Clodagh, pulls back the curtain and shines a light on her inspiration behind EDITION Residences Fort Lauderdale’s stunning interiors. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that exploration is nearly endless here in Fort Lauderdale.

Download ISSUE 01 of our EDITION Residences Fort Lauderdale Editorial