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EDITION Residences in Fort Lauderdale Magazine

The EDITION Residences Fort Lauderdale was recently featured in Fort Lauderdale Magazine article “New EDITION” touching up on it’s contribution to the ongoing renaissance of North Beach Village in Fort Lauderdale.

From the article:

A new luxury condo development along the Intracoastal offers all the high-end amenities you might expect. There are the spacious interiors with expansive views – possible with only four units per floor. There’s the spa with hammam, steam room and sauna. There’s the guest valet, the resort-style pool and lap pool, the 24-hour attended lobby.

But for Rishi Kapoor, founder and CEO of project developer Location Ventures, the biggest selling point for EDITION Residences Fort Lauderdale is the neighbors.

“I think what we’re most excited about is being on Fort Lauderdale Beach and in the community that we refer to as North Beach Village,” he says. “You have this incredible lifestyle to be able to enjoy beach living and enjoying a small community within greater Fort Lauderdale. To me it’s the most exciting place to be in all of Fort Lauderdale.”

Renderings: Courtesy of Location Ventures.
Then there’s the property itself, which includes 420 feet along the Intracoastal. “You can’t ask for better frontage,” he says. “We have, if not the most, one of the most exceptional amounts of frontage on the Intracoastal.”

Kapoor describes EDITION, a Marriott brand, as “one of the world’s preeminent and upcoming luxury brands” and part of Marriott’s “new generation of luxury.” He says it also speaks to the market Fort Lauderdale is now reaching that a brand such as EDITION can fit here. He cites one particular neighbor as a canary in the luxury coal mine.

“You don’t see that level of luxury prior to Four Seasons opening,” he says of the luxury hotel brand that opened last near nearby on Fort Lauderdale Beach. “And now you have EDITION, you have Four Seasons all in the same neighborhood, there’s a reason for it.”

Kapoor has seen North Beach Village evolve. It’s a place with a large number of intact Mid-Century Modern buildings, many of which have been remodeled. The neighborhood includes a large number of cafes, bars, shops and other amenities – it functions as a working neighborhood, not a place residents have to drive out of when they need anything other than the beach.

“I’ve been going to that neighborhood for 20 years,” he says. “For us, there is an appreciation of the architectural style that gives the neighborhood a distinct feel.

Renderings: Courtesy of Location Ventures.
“I think it excites people. We sell from a place of passion and a place of interest and we’re excited to share a product with the world. I love community, I love the feeling of hey I don’t even need to turn the car on on the weekend if I don’t want to.”

He’d like to see a grocery store and more offices in the neighborhood, but he’s excited to see how North Beach Village continues to evolve. It’s a long way from the beach condo lifestyle of the past. “You always had these buildings that were independent silos,” Kapoor says. “They didn’t communicate with each other. It was just in and out, in and out.” North Beach Village, he says, is a “cool place, a European-inspired village.”

People have to be realistic about how to develop in the future, Kapoor says. South Florida traffic is not getting any better. “So let’s make our neighborhoods all the more self-sustaining.”

The building itself is also pretty self-sustaining. In addition to offering modern style nods to that Mid-Century Modern look, the place offers high-end amenities for a small number of residents. “We’re really talking about such a limited amount of residences, 65 in total across two towers,” Kapoor says. “It’s a very boutique building.

“What I like about EDITION so much is EDITION is about very authentic experiences. You look at any of the EDITIONS that are popping up anywhere in the world, they are so in touch with the cities and neighborhoods they are going into.”

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